2018-05-17 Update from Kim

Steve and I were just up in Lodi this week for a visit and I thought I would give you an update on my parents.

Mom fell out of her wheelchair in the nursing home recently and was taken to the emergency care for 7 stitches. Her wound is on her right forehead and is about 1 & 1/2″ wide and is healing nicely. She also got her left arm trapped in between the wheelchair and the armrest and tore some skin. They put her in arm coverings to protect her skin that leave her fingers and thumbs free.

She is weighed each month and is at 83 pounds as of May. If she eats 25 percent of a meal that is considered great for her. (That is about two 6 oz nutritious shakes)  She had some breakfast on Tuesday then one shake for me at 12:30.   Wednesday she wasn’t interested in anything at 12:30 from the staff or from me. Steve and I felt she is fading which upset me quite a bit as we headed back to Cincinnati.

Dad is still living at home but continues to lose weight. He thinks he is 125 pounds though I think that is optimistic. He drives over and visits Mom every other day from 12:30-1. The staff call him by name.

He feels out of breath just walking around the house. He talks about thinking he will probably have a heart attack though he isn’t in any pain.  He eats soup and drinks 3 Ensure a day after a big breakfast.  If the Cleveland Indians are playing baseball we can pretty much guarantee that he’ll be in front of the TV watching whether at home or with Mom at Altercare (unless it’s after 10pm, of course!)

Tom Kukay, a close friend, came by while we were there. He visits Mom and plans to comes by and take Dad for meal. Great guy!!!! We also were blessed with a quick visit with next-door neighbors June and John who offered to help in any way they can.

I wanted to fill you in because we are preparing for what’s to come.  This is a very difficult journey!