Stephen & Mary Antal Family

Circa 1945Stephen (Gara) Antal & Mary Ann Kisvardai

  • Mary Ellen Antal (1/5/26)
  • Steven & Delores Belle Antal (12/11/26) (11/12/29)
  • Richard & Liz Antal (_______) (______) 
  • Wilma & Dick Richards (1/7/30) (_______)
  • Barbara Ann and Sam Stier (4/18/33) (_______)
  • Joan May and Lloyd Edward Pritchard (2/24/35)  (6/23/33)
  • Yvonne Jude and Wilbur Eugene Wiley (6/16/36) (1/2/35)
  • Betty Jo and George Beshire (9/5/37) (11/5/32)
  • Arlene Gayle and Howard W. (Ozzie) Babbs (5/30/40) (_______)
  • Carol Lee and Neil Gordon Sylvester (6/2/42) (1/20/40)
  • Robert John and Linda ______ Antal (11/30/43) (_______)

Here are some details on Stephen Gara Antal:

  • He came over to the United States with his mother through Ellis Island.
  • His original last name was Gara and he was adopted when he was 3.
  • Was part of the dustbowl experience in Texas.
  • He worked on the furnaces at Permold and was a sharecropper previously.
  • He was a card player – would play poker on payday
  • They would go to Vegas and he was willing to “bet the car” if he had a good hand.  (word is that Mary always made sure to have enough money squirreled away to get them home on the bus if necessary)
  • Lived in various locations including: Sharon (Ridgewood); Chippewa Road just west of the 4 corners in Chippewa Lake; Lafayette; Chippewa (across from Chippewa Park); final home in Chippewa Lake

Here are some details on Mary Antal:

  • She worked at Firestone in the shoe department.  Walked from the farm to Copley and then caught the bus to Firestone.
  • Then she worked for Henry Furnace in the tin shop (used metal bender making fittings.)  Worked until she was 68.
  • Used to give her grandkids coffee with milk and sugar in it and then they could dip ‘nilla wafers in it.
  • She wouldn’t play cards because the boys made too much noise.
  • She liked to take walks.
  • She was the primary childcare person.
  • She welcomed others.

Pictures of various Antal and Kisvardai relatives and gatherings are HERE

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