Bonner & Mary Wiley Family

Bonner Newton Wiley (born 1893) and Mary Louise Hatch ( born 1897)

  • Gwendelyn Marie (born 1924) and Allen Ray (Mike) Walter
  • Dale Newton (born 1926) and Alberta Deglas
  • Wilbur Eugene (born 1935) and Yvonne Jude Antal

Here are some details on Bonner:

  • raised on the farm in Remson
  • went to Wooster College for agriculture
  • he served briefly in WW I in the U.S. Army
  • he wrote to his brother in WW I that he didn’t like to farm
  • was clerk for Granger school board
  • he married his wife and her father owned a farm; he did most of the work and only got half of the “earnings” ***
  • He had corn, wheat, oats, hay, timothy hay, clover hay.  He had horses to do the plowing, got John Hatch’s tractor (steel wheels) when he couldn’t run it on roads with the lugs.  Always had chickens for eggs – every Saturday they’d sell eggs to individuals and then to a place that sold them
  • Also did maple syrup tapping – started on 2/20 every year unless used the “bit and brace” system earlier.  They would do their 50 trees plus the neighbors’ trees.  They would use horses and the mud sled to carry the sap to the sugar house.  Boil the sap and then it used an individual pan system leading to the final pan where it was syrup.  They put it in quart cans and then sold that where they sold eggs
  • Later in life he worked in maintenance and some lawn efforts

*** Ran the Hatch farm for many years, with an interesting contract written between Bonner’s father-in-law and Bonner. According to son Wilbur, they had about 20 milk cows, chickens, horses  and raised wheat, corn and other grains.

Here are some details on Mary (per son, Wilbur):

  • grew up on the farm with her sister (Aunt Lola – 1893) and they were farm girls
  • graduated from high school and began going to business school in Akron
  • she stayed up in Akron and went over to school
  • her mom killed herself when Mary was in her last year of business school. Her dad said he needed her back home so she quit
  • she and Bonner met at Granger High School (Wiley family farm was in Remson)
  • They went to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon.  That was the only time they left the farm

For those looking for more…

  • Family pictures of the early years are HERE
  • Current Family Pictures, Trivia and more are HERE (password is not a toughie – name of patriarch then matriarch, first letters capitalized)

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