Just the Facts

Born: Wilbur Eugene Wiley on January 2, 1934 in Granger Twp., OH

Died: October 2, 2018 in Wadsworth, OH

Married: Yvonne on February 1, 1957

Children: Deborah, Kimberly, William

Standard Welding, Granger High School

Granger, Standard Welding,

Wilbur Wiley obituary – click HERE




Here are some details on Wilbur

  • Grew up on the Wiley farm and enjoyed “horsing around” with machinery and especially cars.
  • Shared a bedroom with his grandfather early on in life.
  • In high school he played basketball and worked on/raced around in cars.
  • After graduating high school he worked for a blacksmith and then began doing welding at Henry Furnace and Standard Welding, eventually doing more deliveries of steel beams to larger construction sites.
  • Enjoyed playing cards and watching sporting events (especially if they involved his kids or grandkids, or the Cleveland Indians)

Details of his married life with Yvonne and their family are located HERE

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