2018-06-05 Update

This update on Wilbur and Yvonne is from Kim:

On Memorial Day, Deb and I went to Lodi to spend the night with Dad. I arrived at 9:30. Dad was in the lazy boy chair out of breath having gotten out of bed at 9 (usually up by 7). I made some oatmeal and toast but he ate very little. Deb arrived at 10, took his blood pressure which was way too low. Called the health care nurse who told us to go to the emergency room in Wadsworth. After 10 hours he was sent to Akron City hospital.

He was sent to Altercare room 101 in Wadsworth for rehab on Saturday afternoon. He has Pulmonary emphysemic fibrosis. Probably from welding. He is eating and doing therapy. Wants to go home so is motivated to get stronger. He is able to see Mom which is nice. They brought her to his room for breakfast.

Mom has been drinking and eating less. They have her in a padded reclining type wheelchair. Every so often she doesn’t eat or drink anything. She gets morphine every 4 hours.

It’s was a crazy week for everyone.